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How We Are Fixing The Broken World of Work?

  • Agreement: Reducing today’s business complexities & removing “strategy for everything”
  • Communication: Removing the day to day confusion & improving internal communication and connections
  • Alignment: Improving your strategy and your company culture
  • Deliberate: Eradicating everything being a priority, removing meetings as the only way to make progress & shaping decisions around being intentional and delivery focused not politically motivated.

The world of work has lost its focus through being too “busy”, being in too many meetings and ignoring important signals from your teams, team members and importantly from your performance indicators.

Focus was created to cut through the noise, cut through the confusion and ensure businesses focus on developing their organisations and performance.

Why accept noise and busy as excuses impacting your business performance?

How Focus Helps?

By creating one crystal clear and transparent company wide strategy (not numerous departmental strategies – these are action plans), we improve your leadership teams by training and connecting with departments, we evolve and grow your company culture, we improve your product offerings and improve your delivery to optimise company wide focus.

In every successful business, Strategy and Company Culture are central to their success. This is a deliberate step taken. Strategy and culture are treated as important and equal foundations to their business.

Business efficiencies are driven by clear messaging, clear communication and understanding the heartbeat of your business and your people.

Executive Development: We offer executive team coaching, one to one manager coaching and creating offsites that actually deliver results.

For more information on how Focus looks at why the world of work is broken, watch the focus manifesto video.

Of staff leave businesses for bad management
Of employees report of bad company culture & nothing is done
Of employees are looking to leave roles post pandemic
Of employees demand a hybrid work environement


Company Culture

Hybrid (URL based) And IRL (in real life) Company Culture Workshops & Culture Bootcamps

Focus is on a mission to fix the broken world of work, to make the workforce happier, improve your organisations health and make the hybrid workplace a better and more inclusive space for all.

In 2021 and continuing this year, the demand to improve Company Culture has never been as high.
In the hybrid world of work many colleagues are struggling, unhappy at being unseen and unheard, individuals feel alone, disconnected from their team and department and do not know how to align with your business or your businesses mission.

There is also hybrid burnout, fatigued from unproductive video meetings and endless changes that is not explained and justified.

If you or your business is struggling with company culture and is in need of a workshop to help improve your culture for the next 12-36 months Focus have developed a number of dedicated packages to help answer the current issues many are facing.

Select the package below that fits your need and get in contact today to take one step closer to improving your business and your businesses performance.

Hybrid / IRL Company Culture Starter Workshop

£ 599
  • Why? You want to improve company culture but don’t know where to start or how to kickstart improving your business.
  • What? Dedicated remote workshop designed around your needs and your business.
  • How? Hybrid or in person session with your leadership and HR team.
  • Problem We Will Fix Together? Unhappy staff, underperforming ‍
  • Ideal Size Of Attendees? 4-8

Hybrid / IRL Company Culture Bootcamp

  • Why? You and your business realise how important company culture is and need to engage external help to design a dedicate company culture programme.
  • What? Dedicated remote bootcamp around your business needs and your specific requirements.
  • How? An intensive hybrid or in person exercise based bootcamp with a number of important interpersonal activities. This dedicated remote session has to include your leadership and HR teams. ‍
  • Problem We Will Fix Together? Designing a DIY company culture work stream.
  • Ideal Size Of Attendees? 4 – 12

Hybrid / IRL Startup Company Culture Workshop

  • Why? You have read and seen other startups talk about how important company culture is and want to develop your own unique successful company culture.
  • What? Dedicated remote workshop to design and develop your startup culture.
  • How? Hybrid or in person session with your founder and management team & HR representative. ‍
  • Problem We Will Fix Together? Designing your startups company culture and improving long term company performance.
  • Ideal Size Of Attendees? 3 – 6

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Why Focus

  • Former leader of £455m transaction per year business
  • Former Company Executive who experienced good, bad and ugly company culture & led reversing toxic culture
  • Two decades of management and leadership experience from family run businesses to global leading listed marketplace businesses
  • Only consultancy that intentionally brings together company culture and company strategy together and aligns culture to performance with hard long term KPIs.
  • Judge at the company culture awards
  • Hold NED and advisory roles

Why Now?

Company Culture

The world of work was broken before the pandemic and now the wedges between teams have got bigger and impacting even the closest teams and departments.

Company Strategy

It is now essential you bring everyone in your business together with one overarching company strategy that everyone buys into and gets behind.