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Returning To The Office – 10 Musts From Your Company

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  • 1
    Be human first, all decisions have to put your people first 
  • 2
    Have a clear and concise communication cadence, have one home for all updates and a history of communications 
  • 3
    Be transparent and honest – if you do not have the answer, let your people know, reply back openly and answer the question when you have a good answer.
    Timelines are important.
  • 4
    Encourage open communications – reduce siloed conversations 
  • 5
    Encourage questions from your staff, be available to answer questions, publicly and privately 
  • 6
    Anonymous questions are inevitable – make sure these questions are answered to all if not specific to that individuals requirements FAQ and centralised wiki pages will be important to keep up to date and encourage one home 
  • 7
    Use personal stories to encourage story telling and feedback 
  • 8
    Have clear guidance on working from home, working remotely, ability to continue to work from home
  • 9
    Do not rush people back who have reservations or fears
  • 10
    Map out all scenarios (parents, carers, non parents, high risk, vulnerable) and enable all to see your logic 

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Return To The Office Checklist

The return to the office checklist is essential reading if you are planning to bring a reduced workforce back to your office.

It include important questions you have to ask and what you should consider personally and professionally.

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