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40 Common Problems We Have Identified That Cause Bad Business

How Many Are You Experiencing?

  1. Being busy is a badge of honour
  2. Bad strategy
  3. Even worse…No strategy
  4. Not every member of your company can recite the company strategy
  5. Each team having an independent strategy and does not join up
  6. Bad leadership
  7. Back to back meetings as the norm
  8. No trust
  9. Perks are seen and confused with Company culture
  10. Management and HR teams not connected with their people
  11. Forced & unproductive one to ones
  12. When one person’s views or time outweighs the many
  13. Problem solving and ideation always end with the same “ideas”
  14. Getting the project out vs being proud of good work
  15. One decision-maker
  16. Constant fear to make a decision
  17. Constant asking for permission (to make a decision, to organise a meeting etc)
  18. Employees knowing something is wrong without being able to articulate it
  19. Reactive over proactive – Reactive to what others are doing vs proactive in delivery
  20. Bombarded with notifications
  21. Over-communication
  22. Obsessed by what competitors are doing, without any focus on your own delivery
  23. When things never change (internally)
  24. Brand police over brand coaching
  25. No employee development
  26. No onboarding to management teams
  27. Everything is urgent
  28. No coaching or mentoring
  29. Away days are an escape from work
  30. Micromanagement and micro aggressions
  31. Lack of shared and centralised knowledge
  32. Non connected goals – Non-joint up OKRs (driven by silos)
  33. Culture of living out of your inbox
  34. Death by PowerPoint edits (or by Excel updates)
  35. The company built on unknown knowns – ‍(never sharing knowledge or just one person seems to know what is going on)
  36. Me Over We – That one person holding all the “knowledge”
  37. That’s not my job answers
  38. Thank you has turned into an emoji or gif reaction, not an in-person thank you
  39. Company-wide thank you and celebratory email chains
  40. Working late and sending late emails is celebrated