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The 5 Essential Roles For Your Business Success For 2021

The 5 Roles For You To Hire For Or Restructure Around

  • 1
    Culture Community Manager
    A dedicated culture community manager understands the importance of culture, understands the importance of keeping a positive beat within the business.

    This is a high trust role.

    Offers a way to bring business decisions closer to culture and communicate these and brings people closer to the numbers and explain people + performance. Connects leadership with what is happening within the organisation.

  • 2
    Retention Marketer
    Understands broader Marketing channels, segmentation, the importance of keeping and engaging an audience.

    This is a specialist role and has to play well with Generalists and Specialists, alongside managing stakeholders well.

    This role must understand Product and Product cycles, this could be Growth Marketer but rare to keep them in retention. Essential in turning old customers in repeat and re-engage vs re-acquire.

  • 3
    Project Manager
    Projects are slipping, projects and campaigns rarely hit the target date outside huge businesses and project management is a skill that lost it’s popularity alongside having more agile processes, with all this in mind Project Management not Product Management is required inside many businesses.

    High quality project managers are priceless and have to keep businesses on track with important projects and releases for 2021.

  • 4
    Growth Specialist
    Growth will be essential more than ever, in 2021 Growth will be vital part of ensuring businesses stay open and can offer improved products for their customers.

    Growth is often bundled with Performance Marketing or Product. It is important to note that this role should be a Growth specialist who can blend these areas together, come up a dedicated roadmap of prioritised work and the impact it will have, alongside a focus on delivery.

    Test, learn, iterate can be taken on by many departments however having one dedicated person or small team will help the right businesses to go from scrapping to thriving in 2021.

  • 5
    Innovation Specialist
    Many organisation have had to reduce down their teams and the reduce headcount will limit the number of innovation projects that the teams will be able to create and deliver.

    The Innovation specialist must have experience in delivering in small teams and cross functionally, alongside having the political clout to make sure these projects happen vs just tweaking exciting and underperforming products or campaigns.

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