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7 Leadership Tips

Easy & Simple To Roll Out

  • 1
    Remind people of their place in the team and how they contribute to the team regularly – we are wired this way and look for reinforcement and cues from our bosses and colleagues

  • 2
    Quiz together – play quizzes and games together, build bonds and healthy competition builds bridges even to those on the outer fringes of teams. The connections grow and psychological safety is built by having friendly competition.

  • 3
    Instead of slide heavy PowerPoints, Use:
    Think Big – Act Small – By When
    To help your team to know what the big goal is, understand the actions they are going to take and the deadline for those actions. Whenever possible try and use one page over multiple pages. You can always share team presentations for more insights and deeper reads but as a department something easy to digest and see where all teams roll up and in to.

  • 4
    Create a simple motto and framework that easily guides the team and the team can use as a guiding motto to question if we are doing it for the right reasons or to prioritise when busy

  • 5
    Leverage champions and captains – every team has champions and captains, Champions are subject leaders or experts and encourage champions to share their knowledge with the team and department. A leader doesn’t have to have the senior title, Captains take responsibility to ensure your teams follow the directions set, take responsibilities and look over and after their teammates and those around them.

  • 6
    Increase & share valuable transferable skills throughout the team: Budget management is essential for almost all of the team, run through your department fortnightly, help team members understand why you spend the way you do, how you settle payments and the impact of your activities.

  • 7
    Identify Problems to solve as a team – one company wide problem that requires a mix of skills and detailed problem solving. Use Crazy 8’s method to show off your ideas as sketches and succinct ideas in writing.

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