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More About Focus & The Consultancy

One of the most difficult parts of business is it evolving nature and the relentless problems that spring up. We cannot focus on delivering for being too busy with unimportant and less important work.

We are navigating a time where business owners have never had so many objectives, business metrics to track and hit, too many communication channels to make your message stick internally and externally and such a competitive landscape.

One lacklustre cycle, lack of Product development or poor Marketing will hinder you, your people and your business.

Focus was built to help you navigate this world, improve the way your teams functions and importantly communicate and collaborate together.

Focus will help you and your business leads create more leaders, Focus will help you develop a long term vision, mission and strategy that everyone can get behind and importantly ensure you are customer and consumer focused over competitor obsessed.

Focus works with you directly to improve your company wide strategy, ensuring everyone understands it simply and develops their own action plans for the 12 months ahead according to the new company wide plan. Improving communication, collaboration, and delivery.

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Growth in crowdfunding business


5 million increase in donations

About Focus Leadership

Danny Denhard has over twenty years in professional businesses.

Scaling from small start ups, was part of a a successful IPO and has been part of senior leadership teams at listed companies.

Danny has worked in some of the most competitive markets and virtual’s, most recently responsible for Europe’s largest peer to peer Crowdfunding platform at JustGiving. The Crowdfunding business at JustGiving was over £60m per year business and Danny led the upstart for four years.

Danny has formally ran 20+ person Marketing Department (CRM, PR, Brand, Content Marketing, Product Marketing, Social Media & SEO teams) and built out a dedicated Growth Department that worked cross functionally improving business performance by over £2m p/a.
Danny also has Product leadership experience.

Why Culture + Strategy

Danny spotted a running theme speaking to business leaders, organisations of all sizes were suggesting they were too busy, their department couldn’t understand the company wide strategy and were not collaborating. This environment creates silos and performance to dip.

Danny spent over a year speaking to different leaders, this unhealthy trait was repeated over and over.  Whilst diving deeper in these problems, the crux of the issue was poor communication was leading to poor connections, leading to no one single agreed upon company wide strategy, which leads poor culture or in some extreme cases toxic culture and workplaces.

This theme has to stop.

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The World Of Work Has Lost Its Focus.
Together we will create your company wide focus