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At Focus we have two simple and core ideologies:
1. Always be Auditing
2. Always be Marketing.


Auditing is your best and most effective way of reviewing:
– What happened
– What is happening
– What will happen.

How will you be successful if you have not taken the time to review, diagnose and address issues and opportunities?

Focus believes auditing is one of the most important areas of business.
Typically audits are the area of business that are overlooked or undervalued.
Audits can make the difference between knowing your business and losing control of your business.

Focus Audits are more than just using tools and looking at your dashboards and ‘the data’, Focus speak to your leaders, we speak to your internal influencers and your problematics.

We blend the quant and qual and ensure you have an actionable audit to make positive long term change to your business.

Focus Audit Products

You are in the middle of your quarter and there is little to no guidance in your organisation.
Your teams are questioning the what, they why and they how.

A strategy audit reviews your strategy, builds out a the most important activities you need to take, the financials you need to hit and co-build a strategy together to ensure you answer the most important phase of your business.

Culture is more than a corporate buzzword, it is more than the pulse of your organisation, it is how your business works together and is the unspoken glue between your strategy and your results.

Focus culture audits reviews your current business, your strategy, your people and the unspoken feelings of your business. We work with you to develop your business from the foundations to the top tiers of your organisation.

Many Product Teams are the most influential departments in your business, they are responsible for scoping and collaboratively delivering your most important work and initiatives of your organisation.

Unfortunately many Product Teams cannot speak to stakeholders, struggle to communicate and act like the gatekeeper and do not collaborate, we review and audit your Product Team and make specific suggestions and action plans to evolve your Product Team and develop your organisations scoping and delivery capabilities.

Growth is more than just building features and acting like a Product team that delivers.
Growth teams are often the team that delivers agile sprints and the only team that really digs into your user problems and runs tests and experiments to address these.

If your Growth team is working in silos, not communicating or delivering the right tests or programmes it is time for a full Growth Team Audit.

With over twenty years experience in Marketing leadership, Marketing has evolved but many Marketing teams have not. Marketing teams are too channel specific and are not synced up. Marketing Departments have become teams and very rarely understand how to deliver. Marketing teams can be full of generalists or specialist but rarely share knowledge and their plan and activities across the business. If internal communications are bad, likelihood is your external Marketing is too.

If you Marketing Department has numerous action plans and does not sync up with Product and the Leadership team it is time for an audit and full review.

People are key to every organisation. Businesses know this but very rarely review their People to understand cultural fit, business fit and as importantly whether they are delivering and have the ability to perform more effectively.

Focus has delivered audits to access not only team and department fit but business fits and leadership audits. Don’t let your current or people ruin your business.

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