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Why Do Leaders Get In Touch?

Need Help & A Coach

  • In need of one-to-one coaching
  • In need of an accountability partner
  • In need of someone to collaborate with at a high level

Wants Someone Who Understands The Unique Challenges Of Leadership

  • Wants someone been there, seen it, and got the battle scars too!
  • Wants a player-coach – someone to get into tactics with them (I won’t do the work but will push you to get the right answers and solutions)
  • For those who “feel too old” to learn another new or latest app

Feels Lost

  • Lost confidence in themselves
  • Lost confidence in their team
  • Lost direction and needs more direction

No Time To Manage, Let Alone Lead

  • Lost connection with team or department and wants to reconnect
  • Losing it with their Marketing funnel & having to repeat how it works over and over
  • Feels lost with new channels and new tactics

Feel Like They Have No Support

  • Leadership is lonely and often do not have a support network
  • Things feel too much and have no support around them
  • Promoted into the leader role and not supported
  • Need others to support them and step up (and don’t know how to galvanise this)
  • Performance has dropped and feel like they have support on how to turn around poor performance

Struggling With The Day To Day Pressures

  • Day to day feels like an uphill battle and requires someone to support their build
  • Their market is maturing and sees the numbers struggling but their teams are too busy with internal politics to concentrate on improving performance – they require a coach and partner to support and guide their leadership team
  • Wants support developing out their org design
  • Wants help hiring (hiring right is hard!)

Yes, the best coaches help with all of this and help to partner with you to improve your leadership, your people and the company performance.

Proven In Multiple Businesses & Leaders

Recent coaching clients include

  • Co-Founder’s
  • CEOs
  • COO
  • CMOs, VPs of Marketing
  • Product Leads

From large corporations, SMEs and startups on their journey.

Something most businesses are overlooking and de-prioritising is team and personal development.

Personal development and training rarely improves what you are trying to achieve unless our people, our teams share their knowledge with their teams and departments after their training.

As humans we have developed by passing down knowledge and grown from cognitive wisdom.

Focus have experienced this and seen the decrease in this first hand.

Focus was built with a passion to address lack of personal and team development.

Focus’ mission is to remove reactive executives and turn executives into ones who crave being proactive, crave to improve their staff, their teams, their business and importantly wanting to improve themselves. Develop people from a fixed mindset into a growth mindset.

Take back the control of your own progress and positively improve your companies progress.

Coaching & Mentoring Are Different:
Coaching and mentoring are very different practises and require qualifying to get the best results for you.

Coaching is short term and is performance based. Coaching is in a more formal setting and require more regular sessions.

Mentoring is longer term and developmental over time.
Mentoring is working through skill transfer and building long term future potentials.

We build bespoke packages to individual needs and a consultation session.

Scroll down to see what we offer and how we can develop your senior leaders or mentor your next level of leaders.

You are an exec, you likely feel behind your fellow execs who seem to be progressing while you are stagnating.
Or you need some coaching to bring out the best of you as a leader of a department or your business.

Focus have held leadership positioning in-house and agency side. Focus have had and ran successful consultancy business.

Focus leadership roles sit across; Marketing, Growth and Product, sitting on two different listed companies leadership teams and across startups.

We will liaise with you and your business to get to the bottom of how we can develop you and increase your Focus on your business and your career.

Mentorship is much more than just having someone to nudge you in the right direction, many people require mentorship to help challenge their status quo, help to guide their next step or commonly help managers become better leaders over a longer period of time.

It is important that you find out whether you need a coach or a mentor and we will help qualify this with you and your specific requirements.

Focus are huge advocates of masterclasses, improving your team and departments knowledge and encouraging sharing internally, being the people who help to share and spread their newly found knowledge to guide to teams and departments and create a culture of learning.

Currently we offer paid masterclasses in Marketing, Product and Growth.

These are aimed at Marketing, Product and executive teams looking to develop out a growth mindset.

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