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Culture Of Learning Tips

Build A Culture Of Learning & Sharing

Here is a short list of important nudges and tips to build a culture of sharing and learning:

1. Block out an hour every week for internal teaching – rotate the teachers and build out the team’s skills.

2. Keep a centralised home for what skills people want to improve and categorise, organise the sessions internally or bring in (or organise remote) external speakers for lunch and learns.

3. Create a: must read article, a book or podcast club, select a club and a cadence to go through, increases learning, increases connection between the team and offers a way to create open discussion around topic, trends or themes.

4. Turn teachers into students and turn student into teachers

5. Sit free online courses and share key learnings on centralised learning hub.

6. If you join a webinar or attend a conference, take notes, share insights and key quotes, sharing knowledge is free.

7. If you are a team that prefers video or audio, consider how you might share quick soundbites of learning, a quick loom video, a quick voice note, a centralised space will be personality, some fun and full of education.

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