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Focus was born out of frustration of where the business world was going.

For over 18 months Focus heard the same recurring complaints – we are too busy, we don’t believe in what we are doing, there is no strategy, we don’t know how we are getting there, there is too much noise to concentrate.

This page is updated regularly with a collection of the questions we receive regularly and will help guide you if you have any questions.

Q. Why choose Focus?
Focus was specifically created to guide and co-create a better working environment, to improve strategy and culture. You will be looking for a partner who has lived through the good, the bad and the ugly, Focus has and is on a mission to help take the noise and too busy away from your workplace.

Focus understands the pressure you are under to accelerate enabling a remote workforce, with over 60% of employees suggesting they do not want to return to the office.
Focus was designed to remove the feeling of forced experiments and co-create detailed plans and a company wide strategy your teams are fully behind. Focus helps you to create a dedicated culture of detailed centralised updates and remove.

Q. Why Focus now?
With all of the recent changes within the business world, it is essential that everyone pulls together, understand the direction of the company. You have to improve the culture and have one crystal clear strategy for the company to get behind. Plan for the future you want and deserve vs the culture or cadence you had previously.

Q. What departments do Focus work with?
Typically we work with Human Resources, People Teams, Operations, Strategy, Leadership and Management Teams. With culture projects we work business wide, we identify a number of stakeholders and interview. If you have a dedicated team that looks after culture or strategy it is essential we collaborate with this team however for the best results we worked cross functionally and across your organisation.

Workshops can be from a handful of your team to business wide, typically we work with groups from 5 – 25.

Q. What are the common ways we can work with Focus to understand how are doing?
We always work client by client basis, as strategy and culture is so unique to every organisation. Often we discuss Focus Audits as the introduction. We have a dedicated page that breaks down how we help you.

Q. How does remote projects work with Focus?
We were built for remote and virtual sessions, we make and special in creating the right virtual workspaces. We host sessions on – Zoom, Meet, Webex etc.
We typically get you out of your day to day and ask the important questions you need to answer to progress and then we discuss through. Some sessions will not require video calls, we are all fatigued.

Q. What is Focus’ USP?
We centre everything we do around making your company more productive, less busy and at the centre of trust – culture and strategic guidance. Unlike other consultancies, we want to blend soft and hard skills and know first hand the challenges managers have leading the business and their teams.

Q. Why use Focus now?
Focus was created in Q1 & Q2 of 2020, with lockdown in mind Focus broken down the existing issues and upcoming issues and built product and solutions that would answer performance, cultural and strategic issues.
Focus has a number of specific products to help you think about the up and coming questions and issues you are facing: How to build a hybrid office? How to enable a virtual office? Shall we bring our teams back to the office? How do we get the team behind one strategy? What does our next 6, 12 and 18 months look like?

Q. What is your background?
Twenty years experience and leadership and running successful Marketing, Growth, Product teams, alongside four years leadership of a £60m per year Crowdfunding business and part of the leadership team for the £450m p/a total business.If you would like to read a detailed profile, this Focus leadership page has detailed information for you.

Q. We do not believe in death of the office, what do we do now?
The office has an important part to play in the success of your company, rethinking what office you need and what you require as working remotely becomes more of a mainstay is essential. Humans are built for connection, to stand out or fit in, this has not changed and we have worked with businesses that are taking a hybrid or flexible approach.

Focus will work with your Operations, HR / People and leadership team in creating the right plan and ways of communicating. Focus was designed to help to build out the best work environments, whether that is from selecting the best tech tools and implementing much better centralised communications to helping you and your company redesign your office(s) for the best environments and answering concerns.

Q. Focus talks about leadership, what are good resources to read?
Focus writes a weekly newsletter called leaders letters these are focused on one insight and one must take action. Subscribe for each newsletter to be delivered into your inbox.

Q. How do we get in contact?
The easiest way is via email

Q. I’m not sure what some the terms you use – is there an explainer?
Yes, we have a dedicated glossary

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