In a new series, Friday Focus creates five things to consider for the week ahead:

  1. Culture: Write the unwritten rules down and sharing across your business. This helps to create clarity and dispel any misunderstanding within the organisation.
    Communication is essential to building the best company culture.
  2. Leadership: If you run a department or team, share a few wins of the week for your team and one personal highlight and share one challenge you are facing or the company is and ask for help. This will help to bring the department closer together and will help you and your team to understand where they can help you and collaborate.
  3. Culture: Build a quick team to start an audit (read this AMA Q&A for more info) of performance away from typical reporting, ask the team to dig into the numbers, the market trends and undercover themes that are happening that you are likely missing. Ask for the team to report back with a presentation and share the exec summary across the business.
    Audits should key to company strategy.
  4. Culture: Find one piece of content you can create a club around, this can be a book, a video or a podcast. I recommend you have something that is a series and can be shared and discussed over a thirty minute period.
    Here are the podcasts I do not miss and might help with a recommendation.
  5. Mentoring: Ask three volunteers to step forward and offer to mentor or coach one person each. I recommend you ask for one of the mentees to be someone senior and ask for reverse mentorship, this will improve information flow and improve communication between teams that rarely have the chance to connect.

If you would like to let me know how you get on with these Five for Friday Focus, happily let me know below.