Here are five focus points and questions to ask yourself and your leaders next week

1. What impact are we having? 

As a manager or part of the leadership team, you should ask what impact are we having as a team. 

2. What type of leadership style do we have? 

Have we defined this, do our colleagues know what we and what style we have. In the Focus Remote Management Team Training, this is an important focus area.

3. Do you know the boundaries of your role? 

Does your team know what your role is and what it is not? Do they know what your boundaries are and where they take over?  

4. Ask and Answer: We Are

Ask you and your team, we are, complete a ten we are questions, we are strong, we are decisive, we are the industry etc. This will help you develop your identity, your brand and your offerings. 
Your hidden leaders will bubble up to the surface with these questions

5. What is our Defend 5 and our Attack 5?

What are you going to defend, think areas of your business or market, what five things are you are going to attack, that need to improve or gain the most attention from our teams.  

This will help you and your business move forward, put your company strategy first, enable strategic steps forward and encourages you to build better long term company culture.
These are also area’s you can use in your next company-wide AMA.