This week’s hand-selected five must-reads, must views & must listens for Focus Friday, we have a:

  • Mix of great internal communication
  • How stepping down can be stepping up
  • an AMA explaining how to view and consider a difficult situation and the future
  • How good coaching and managing individual needs is essential for company performance and company culture
  • Ten personal rules to inspire you and your departments

  1. Internal Communications

Jeff Bezos’ letter on his move from CEO to executive chairman is perfectly Jeff Bezos, – Link

Recommended Read: the business lessons we have learnt from Jeff Bezos at Amazon

2. Why Stepping Down Is A Smart Decision

3. Mark Cuban AMA – Explaining Everything

4. Individual Relationship Management For Best Performance & Company Culture

+ An important read on why Chelsea’s women’s coach Emma Haynes would be an incredible and first female coach in men’s professional football

5. Being Inspired By Replicating Kobe Bryant’s Rules