20 Good Managers

Remember to celebrate a good or great manager and send what type of Good Manager they are!

The Listener
The listener is (obviously) a great listener, understands what it takes to listen to feedback, listen to concerns and knows when just to listen or to guide.

The Patience Is A Virtue
Patience can be tested, from being too busy, missing an important milestone to being asked the same question, empowering and having the patience to allow individuals or teams to do great work is a priceless quality & they know with patience comes brilliant work.

The Believer
Fully believes in their team, trusts their output, trusts their team to get on with it and enables the team to give feedback updates and doesn’t chase.

The Empowerer
The type of manager who loves to empower their team or team members to take on projects, to lead important business plans as they are the right people for the job.

The My Work Counts
The manager who knows that the work you deliver matters, it counts and you are an important part of the team and company.

The Progresser
Your professional career is essential, you know progress is important, the progresser understands this and ensures you have a plan and progresses you 100%. For your progress and company progress.

The Understander
It’s difficult to know when someone needs help until they ask for it, the understander somehow knows when they see you or hear your tone. They proactively know when to step up.

The I Would Like Your Opinion
Managers who understand the value of their team members are great, they ask for your opinion and value it. They want to leverage your expertise and balance a business decision or judgement.

The Team Champion 
Some managers spend a lot of their time quietly championing their team and their team members, they will right to the right moment to know to champion their team for the company to know how great they are and have done great work.

The Holds Us Accountable
It’s a core function of a leader to hold their team accountable and ensure they know what to deliver, when good managers want to talk delivery they hold us accountable and we are part of the team tackling this challenge.

The Keep Us Engaged
Some days are a drag, especially when you are struggling with a project or campaign. Some managers really step up and ensures their team are energised and engaged, by humour, by expertise or by being a great leader.

The Inspirer
Known for their speeches and ways to drive us to improve. The inspirer can inspire the team by individual pep talks, by rousing team talks or standing in front of the business shining the light at the end of the tunnel

The Leader Not Teller
There is a clear line between a teller and a leader. A leader guides you through a challenge, a hurdle, a mistake, a teller tells you off, reprimands you and tells you what to do and when.

The Makes Time – Takes Time
In the busy and back to backs filled world we operate in, the best managers make time, they take the time to listen, to guide and if required takes action on your behalf.

The Let Them Shine 
Too often team members aren’t allowed or don’t have the chance to shine, the let them shine manager really knows how to take a passive seat and allow people to shine in the way they prefer.

The Know The Personal 
Team members like different environments, some thrive in groups others actively dislike them. When it comes to praise many actually prefer one to ones, others like to be the star of the 1-minute show. The know the personal knows the difference and how the team members want praise.

The Sixth Sense
You are having one of those days, you haven’t made any progress, you have had a useless two-hour meeting and your manager pop’s up and offers something that picks you up. Or surprises you just because they know you and what makes you tick.

The Connecter 
Some departments just don’t work well together or struggle to connect, the connecter takes the challenge on, brings people together, matching individuals, taking cross-department collaboration to the next level and drives forward connecting and connections matter.

The Road Block Remover
Some managers have the habit of being a road blocker, others have the skill of being able to remove roadblocks by taking the bull by the horns, negotiating and taking charge of a situation and removing the roadblocks. All because they want you and the team to succeed.

The Issue Handler
Life can often hit you when you least expect it or it can feel like it is kicking you when you are down. The issue handler always takes issues in their stride, seem to be able to take on board your issue and help you navigate the issue and take some weight from your shoulders

Remember to select one or more great manager types and celebrate with a past or present boss.

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