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Growth Packages

Growth Is Much More Than Marketing

Growth is far more than Performance Marketing, Focus Founder Danny specialises in blending Product & Marketing together with unrivalled business acumen.

As a creative problem solver, Danny loves working with challenger brands and with Marketplace businesses to build better, long term brands and businesses that will retain top talent and develop your teams. Danny works collaboratively helping to improve your core Product offerings, improving your funnel, typically specialising in Product & Marketing focused user experience improvements and ensuring business optimisations and programmes help to increase the satisfaction and happiness of your new and existing customers.

You have likely read about how Growth teams are supposed to operate, you have likely seen Growth tests on Facebook, Spotify or LinkedIn and want to roll out Growth at your company.

You might have an existing team but want to influence them to think differently or learn a new way of tackling Growth or be inspired to answer problems in different ways. Our Growth workshops vary from a days workshop to a weeks deep dive into Growth and co-tackling problems together.

Groups can be from three people up to teams or departments of 15. Growth workshops should include Marketing, Product, Tech, Experience, Design with potential support roles from Sales and Partnership Teams.

Focus Growth offers two packages:

1. Growth Starter

Bring together the right people from your company into Growth kickstart sessions. Developing out the right people will enable the right problems to be identified and solved within your business and ability to build out principles, Growth funnels and make actionable change.

2. Growth Mission

The sessions are designed to breakdown your current issues, understand your business and funnels and create the right processes, Growth loops and brainstorming sessions to enable and empower your team(s) to develop out Growth programmes and Growth tests for weeks and months to come.

“Growth is not about hacks, or the tech, or about creating brand new features or products.

It’s a mindset shift, to explore your existing and future problems, find new ways to create value for customers, your business, and importantly your people”

– Danny Denhard – Focus Founder

Examples Of Previous Growth Wins

Pricing Enhancements:
– Lead business wide conjoint analysis increasing brand new pricing model
– Introduced a tip-jar model increasing profitability by 150%
– Increased take rate by 30%

Checkout Amendment
– 8% increase in average donation value

Product Engagement
– 40% Increase in social sharing
– Increased daily active users by 30%
– Optimised identification validation increasing validation by 45%

– Increased offline to online transactions by 200%.

Testing Optimisation
– Introducing Bayesian method to improve a/b testing results