Focus on Agencies

Agencies Are Harder Than Ever. Get Focus On Your Agency

Is Your Agency

Behind Targets?

Struggling with aggressive targets and sales?

Worried about losing talent?

The Culture and environment getting your top talent and management down?

Losing Clients?

Losing clients? Losing your biggest clients? Or just cannot deliver for them?

How We Guide Agencies

Agencies Can Be Great

Agencies can be the trusted extension to many teams.

Typically agencies are the do for function for the team, agencies are supplied with lists of actions and reports then said agency take the long lists and complete a tiny percentage of actions hoping to please the client enough. This is not great for agencies and very rarely answers the problem the customer has in the first place.

The Agency Landscape

‍The agency world is saturated and overly competitive, someone will always do it cheaper or be better at marketing and will appear to get more clients and bigger clients than your agency does.

You are losing your best talent as they:
A) want to go in-house
B) They leave for more money at a bigger agency
C) go to a competitor, offering more stability and a ‘glory client’ for them to work on and manage directly.

Young talented individuals are actively deciding not to consider the agency world with the stereotypical long hours, bad culture and relentless and often thankless work.

Bad Agencies

‍Agencies can be tough places to work, rarely do you gain formal training or do you actually develop rather than how to juggle many tasks or many clients at once.
The best agencies support their staff, train them and share knowledge constantly to offer the best products and solutions for their customers, this unfortunately does not happen as regularly as it should.

Agency Synergy

‍One saving factor for many agencies is how close your team can be, the social aspect of agencies can bond some of the team together. The culture and the environment you have created really dictates how successful you are likely to be and how your staff and agency evolves.

The unspoken but well known formula for agency success is
Great talent + Demand for and of good clients + Strong Leadership + Good Marketing + Knowledge sharing

= Long term success
(or a sale to a bigger agency)

But these components are incredibly difficult to build, harder to maintain and concentrate on and one bad delivery and you are close to losing your biggest and most important customer.

Focus helps you and your agency to

– Improve your culture and build the right environment
– Improve internal communications
– Helps to improve your asynchronous communication and improve your tool kits
– Helps to improve your people, develop training plans and long term hiring plan

Turn I hate going to work to I love going to work with the team every day.


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