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Focusing on you and your business problems can be hard, no time, no energy, or no-one listens.

This is a sign of being too busy, not focused enough or a bad working environment and bad working sub culture(s).

Select which level you are at, what problems you might be seeing and we help you see and develop an operational way forward.

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Being an executive is gruelling, it is relentless, you have direct reports, you have high targets and you have to lead from the front. You don’t have time to have lunch let alone plan forward eighteen months ahead.

Focus helps you to take a step back, delegate or co-create strategies. We are here to help you guide the company forward and develop those around you and below you.

Being productive is on your long wish list, your to do list is endless and your team needs more support and guidance. You simply don’t have the time or energy to answer all of the questions or guide the team. You also have external pressures investors, family and friends.

Focus helps you regain the time and create a long term plan that is easy to understand and framework so all of the organisation can follow and deliver.

You have pressures from above and below you, you want to help the team but you are in back to back meetings. The team is not performing and have hit performance anxiety and just cannot hit a deadline.

You are so busy you are missing important emails, slack or team messages and you live on video calls. You know you need more time with the team just can’t find the time. Worse still you are worried that the culture is being negatively impacted by your actions.

Focus will help you gain more focus, help you manage your team expectations and provide training and frameworks to develop your team and improve company culture.

You have a demanding team and a calendar to match.

You didn’t receive any onboarding or you were a standout performer who was given a team, or worse still you are a new department without guidance or structure.
You don’t have the internal clout or political power to ask for help or influence key decision makers. You and your team need training.

Focus helps you develop GROW plans, help to develop your own voice within your org, become a leader within your organisation.

This world of work is difficult, you have so many personalities and multiple people coming to you and your team for help, you just don’t have the time or influence over the budget holder to do something about it. Or you do but it is not a priority in the current climate.

Focus will help you gain external validation, gain quant and qual feedback to improve company culture, increase department performance and improve the vibe of the company.

Middle management is hard, you have a couple of traditional bosses that seem to like people suffering and are rarely available for your one to one. They aren’t around when you need to escalate problems and they like making all the decisions but expect you know what they are thinking.

Focus helps you to speak to your senior management team, enable you to develop your team around you and if culture is bad or worse still toxic – we help you and your peers to raise the issue, come up with recommended next steps and bring the leaders together to improve your environment.
You are the person who appears to be the drumbeat of the organisation, you feel the weight on your shoulders and no-one seems to recognise or want to talk about how influential you are to the business.
You are always trying to do the best by others, but it’s just getting worse around you or nothing important is being progressed.

Focus is here to help you maximise your potential, help you attack your businesses problems with you and create an environment and culture you want to work in and develop with senior leaders.
Feel like a big fish in a small pond? Have other people relying on you because you get it or just deliver? It’s a hard and unfair place to be.

Outstanding performers like you have a huge impact on the business and although you don’t want to leave, the business gives you the impression you need to to get that promotion or get that extra salary you deserve.

Focus helps your business find these things out the right way, maps out a way for you to continue being an outstanding performer and create the right path forward.

The Essential Roles For Your Business in 2021

We all know how difficult 2020 has been, here are the five essential roles businesses need to hire for to be successful in 2021.

The five essential roles are:

1. Culture Community Manager
2. Retention Marketer
3. Project Manager (yes Project Managers over Product Managers)
4. Growth Specialist
5. Innovation Specialist

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