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At Focus we are on a mission is to fix the broken world of work, we have spoken to a large number of “leaders” and managers about what is broken in their workplace and how we can collaborate on fixing fundamentals to complex problems that they are facing as a business or as a leadership team.

One core element is their support network and being able to develop as a busy leader who knows they need to improve.

Another is how to find a coach who will build a bespoke system of development for them, not just roll out the same exec coaching for every client.

The Focus Coaching System Explained:

Built Deliberately Differently: Proven system based on the foundations of sports coaching including sports drills and analysis of therapy and structuring around therapy sessions – this is to maximise your time and output

– Issues, Jams & Situations: We will workshop issues, and potential issues and revisit previous situations to improve your skills and decision making skills to ensure you are the team work together and can drive ahead

– Skills-Based Development: you will evolve in every session and adapt your training based on business needs and your personal profile

– Manageable Time Slots For You: We are all busy, therefore the workshops are shaped around 1-hour workshop coaching sessions (typically based on 10+ sessions) to focus on your personal and professional development

– No Wasted Time: Both hybrid and in person coaching, this is designed to help you maximise your time and have a personalised playbook to move your performance and the business performance forward

– Homework! It is a homework based system, you have to be invested, homework is an essential part of your development and carrying on the training post workshops is critical in your investment and development

– Partner Not Payment: The system is designed to be your long-term partner and support system not just a payment

– IQ, EQ (emotional intelligence) & PQ (political intelligence) Based Coaching: IQ will be improved by traditional “hard skills” development, EQ will be developed on life skills (there is no such thing as soft skills) and PQ, improving how you operate and mature as a leader with your business

– Yes, Hard Work: It will be hard work and I will hold you accountable at every step: You will receive clarifying questions, you will be challenged, you will receive kick back on answers and choices made

– ROI Positive: You will see your investment returned from session #2

– Proven Framework & Exercises: I provide proven frameworks and exercises to improve operational skills, improve situations you or your team are struggling with, helping to mature and up-skill you and those around you

– Roll Out To Your Own Team: Coaching system you can then roll out to your team

– Workshops Not Chats: Coaching sessions are “workshops” (with drills) based training and 1-2-1 coaching – this is to ensure you are moving forward and have tangible outputs and is results orientated

Different Level Of Exec Coaching:

Focus offers tailored packages that have been built for managers across all levels, whether you are a:

  • A Head of Team or Head of Department
  • A Director who is lacking confidence or delivery is slipping away
  • A VP who is too busy juggling meeting requests and sitting in back to back meetings to develop themselves or their team
  • A C-suite member who has become detached from their discipline or lost their influence over their team or the business
  • A founder who has felt they are losing their business or struggle with stepping back and allow their team to deliver

We work together with you, we then:

  • Build a tailored package based on the Focus Coaching System to your specific situation
  • Build a growth plan together
  • Build your confidence and skills, session by session
  • Build out your executive presence and improve your internal social capital
  • Build out your confidence and communications skills
  • Build out a set of templates for you to use and roll out internally

The Packages

The Focus 1-2-1 Coaching Packages can be brought in sessions.

Each coaching session is 60 minutes and typically online (in person will be charged differently).

Every session is one to one, with homework to improve your skills and actions to tackle and roll out after every session.

No Time Wasting Guarantee!

To ensure we are compatible and you want to be coached, we arrange a quick 15-minute session to run your situation and see if we would be a good fit.

The packages can be paid for directly from your business or if you are looking to pay for this yourself this can be set up. This enables you to invest in yourself or your company to invest in your long term success.

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