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Questions To Ask If You Are Nervous About Returning To The Office?

Here are a list of questions to ask your manager, the HR team or ask your leadership team if you are nervous about being asked to return to the office from COVID.  

Safety based questions:
What protection have you put into place?

Why should I be the first back in the office?

How will you keep me safe?

You may have put me at risk previously (please remember many offices and leaders were slow to react and slow to close their offices, especially international offices not experiencing the same level of infections), how are you going to protect my health and wellbeing?

How did you come to pick me or my team in the first rounds of back to the office?

Important revenue based question: 
What business benefit is it that I come back to the office?

Why can’t you provide me an office that I can return to?

Struggling as a parent or live in a shared house:
I cannot work from home anymore, what is your solution to that?

Effected by redundancies or furloughs
How are you going to fill those heads you let go or assign the work fairly?

If you wish to work from home or remotely more frequently: 
How can you make my work schedule more flexible?

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