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Office Environmental Design

The office is one of the most important factors of work.
Why? Ensuring you are keeping staff happy, you are increasing productivity, offering workplace psychological safety, encouraging delivering great work and building the next generation of leaders within your business.

With the move towards the flexible office, hybrid workplace, the office environment and setting has never been so important. When staff come into the office it has to be safe, welcoming and a place where staff choose to spend their time.

From setting up the right safe social distancing, setting up the most well thought through seating plan, integrating and mixing the right departments together, to having the right breakout spaces and ensuring you and the business has the right number of meeting rooms.

It is important to shift the over reliance on a meeting to make a decision to offer meeting spaces and break out spaces.

Previous studies have shown with small tweaks, team happiness and productivity increases from 10 to 25%, Focus have helped to design office spaces that increase attendance, increased collaboration and shifted meeting room culture to empower decision making.

Enable your business to improve staff happiness, increase the footfall in the office and help improve company wide focus with office environment design.

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Office Environmental Design

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