Focus on Company Culture

Is your company struggling? Is your company culture broken?

Did lockdowns and remote work push teams & managers further away from each other?
Your business is not alone, But needs action today!

Is Your Company

Behind Targets?

Struggling with aggressive targets and sales?

Worried about losing talent?

The Culture and environment getting your top talent and management down?

Missing hiring the best?

From received CVs to bad interviews?

These are all important indicators you have a company culture issue.

Company Culture Is Essential

Every company needs a strong and guiding strategy that ensures the business can and do get behind.

Everyone in your organisation should be able to quote your strategy, from top to bottom without hesitation.

When strategy fails or is too complicated or too long, businesses lose their people, they struggle to hit targets and it impacts their culture.

Culture is more than a trendy thing to do or talk about.

Company Culture is not adding in free beers, getting a table tennis table or adding these in job descriptions. These are perks and these do not help improve your mid or long term performance.

Culture is often unspoken and the guide where your strategy doesn’t reach or has failed to reach and instruct.

A bad strategy or a poor culture can be toxic and likely poisoning your business.

Company Culture is often the micro-behaviours of your organisations that are hard to pick up or sometimes to clearly define.

Culture is so much more than a buzzword, it is more than sending a pulse survey or asking how people are in the corridor (or virtual team meeting chats).
Culture is how your business and your people are operating and how they talk about you to their colleagues and friends outside of work.

Don’t let these elements hinder your business.

Get help today.

Important Company Culture Resources

Specialised Remote Workshops & Bootcamps Packages

Focus is on a mission to fix the broken world of work, to make the workforce happier, improve your organisations health and make the hybrid workplace a better and more inclusive space for all.

In 2021, the demand to improve Company Culture has never been as high.
In the remote first world of work many colleagues are struggling, unhappy at being unseen and unheard, individuals feel alone, disconnected from their team and department and do not know how to align with your business or your businesses mission.

Focus has developed a number of dedicated packages to help answer the current issues many are facing. Select the package below that fits your need and get in contact today to take one step closer to improving your business and your businesses performance.

Hybrid Company Culture Starter Workshop

Why? You want to improve company culture but don’t know where to start or how to kickstart improving your business.

Dedicated remote workshop designed around your needs and your business.

In Person, hybird or Remote session with your leadership and HR team.

Problem We Will Fix Together?
Unhappy staff, underperforming

Ideal Size Of Attendees? 4-8

Price? From £599

Hybrid Company Culture Bootcamp

Why? You and your business realise how important company culture is and need to engage external help to design a dedicate company culture programme.

What? Dedicated remote bootcamp around your business needs and your specific requirements.

How? An intensive in person, hybrid or remote exercise based bootcamp with a number of important interpersonal activities. This dedicated remote session has to include your leadership and HR teams.

Problem We Will Fix Together? Designing a DIY company culture work stream.

Ideal Size Of Attendees? 4 – 12

Price? From £2000

Hybrid Startup Company Culture Workshop

Why? You have read and seen other startups talk about how important company culture is and want to develop your own unique successful company culture.

What? Dedicated remote workshop to design and develop your startup culture.

How? In person, hybrid or remote session with your founder and management team & HR representative.

Problem We Will Fix Together? Designing your startups company culture and improving long term company performance.

Ideal Size Of Attendees? 3 – 6

Price? From £750

Organisation and cultural improvement packages

Company Culture Audit

3 – 6 Months: Review existing culture, make recommendations

  • Audit current company set up, team wide surveying & management assessment
  • Analyse current issues and make detailed recommendations
  • Run through results and review in 3 & 6 months
  • Framework to help you manage yourself

Company Culture Programme

6 – 12 Months: Collaborative training and development

  • Audit of current set up
  • Analysis, Detailed Recommendations & Workshops With management Team & Employees
  • 6 Sessions of reviews & development of teams & implementation
  • Continued workshops & development plans

Company Culture Development

12 Months +: Review office, people, processes and develop improve space

  • Detailed deep dive into current Set up
  • Offices review and detailed recommendations of improving office layout
  • 6 review sessions of teams, creation of captains & champions
  • Quarterly workshops, development plans & long term Cultural strategy plan

Bespoke packages are available, get in contact to discuss in further detail

Want To Know If Your Culture Is Broken?

How Do We Fix Our Culture?

These are just some of the questions many leaders and business founders are asking themselves.

We help by reducing your anxiety, breakdown the known issues, uncover the unknown and unspoken cultural issues and address in a bespoke way to improve your organisational health and improve business performance.

Read our how to fix broken company culture guide.

Do you have an existing team or an In-house team but they need help?

Many companies have HR teams that struggle with company culture, Focus offers a dedicated company culture audit that helps executive teams and HR teams build out the right approach to your specific company culture.

Turn I hate going to work to I love going to work with the team every day.


Contact us about our Focus Culture Audit or Cultural Organisation workshops.