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Returning To The Office Checklist

  • Create a company wide email from ‘the Leader’ of the business, if comfortable create a video offering personal antidotes
    — If you have been People led first, encourage collaboration between ‘the Leader’ and the People leader

  • Be clear who to talk to for said issues or having conversations. Have clear guidance for who to discuss what with at department level.
  • If you are an international business, be clear if this is an international rule, national or local level guidance. People and HR should be included from the beginning and have a presence through communication. 

  • Arrange company wide question and answer sessions. Ensure you record and share company wide
  • Set up weekly ask me anything sessions to encourage open and transparent communications

  • If ‘Leaders’ are at home or across different time zones make this work for the many not the few
  • Create opt out communication channels, Teams, Slack, Wiki’s etc.
    — Opt out is important as this will reduce anxiety and notification fatigue. Enable focus in this time
  • Create a single email that all employees can email and notify of sickness and keep track centrally.

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