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Focus Has Lived & Felt Your Pains

Having been involved with multiple global businesses, running upstarts and guiding startups through successful exits, Focus understands how hard it is to succeed and we know what it takes to get there.

We also know how rewarding it is to see a great idea become a great product and thrive in the market — that’s what drives Focus to improve and empower other businesses.

At Focus we are committed to helping brands realise their potential and optimise with you.

Focus knows what you want to achieve, our job is to understand your why, understand your current strategy and we figure out why it is not working for you and your departments.

We then help guide you, build the right frameworks and processes, whether thats by creating remote sessions, creating dedicated training sessions, workshops and offsites.

Or importantly, work with your current team to identify, develop and address your problems to drive your business forward.

We have built dedicated programmes of work and product lines to get your business back on track, to optimise what you have and help you to improve your company from the short term to long term.

Focus is a consultancy helping businesses to:
‍> Refocus their departments
> Refocus their strategy
> Improving their company culture
> Improving internal communications
> Improving cross departmental collaboration

Driven By Making Positive Change

Here are our product offerings & solutions to improve your current business issues and future problems

Company culture is one of the most important elements to enable success, we enable your company culture to improve and ensure company success

Focus Audits help you understand your business, your products, your flaws, your culture, your market and your opportunities.Learn how Focus Audits will help you.

Focus have created 10 company musts for the near future and what you should be considering in the Covid times

Offsites are not jollies, they are important tactical brainstorms, tactical improvements in how you work to the most important strategic workshops that will guide your company for the next 12 – 36 months.

The ways your organisation should be considering sending out company wide pulse surveys for employees and your managers

Training is imperative, we create training plans for you and your teams. We specialise in training middle to senior leaders and evolving leaders and their teams around them. Learn how Focus Training will develop your org.

Your office environmental design is an essential part of your companies success, not just from an interpersonal and communication perspective but from an important cultural influence, ensuring your company moves away from booking a meeting or having to go into a meeting room to make a decision.

Build your organsations Focus

1. Strategy.
Move away from each department working in silos and fighting against each. Remove tactical and channel thinking.

2. Culture.
Remove them vs us thinking from your business. Improve your business performance by developing a collaborative and agile business with a growth mindset.

3. Growth & Organisational Development
Fixed mindset and selfishness within your teams is killing your performance.

Focus Is

Helping to remove the frustrating interruptions of modern day work, the interruptions from chat tools, interruptions from too calendar invites, too many status update request updates, too many tools sending you nudges and fighting in notifications.
Focusing your strategy, focusing your team, focusing your culture.

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