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Every department, every team has a ‘strategy’, very few ever roll up into the company objectives or company strategy.

This is a problem.
common problem.

This not strategy.

These actions are causing silos and creating unproductive and unsuccessful business quarters.

Even the most experienced business leaders can struggle to bring together all departmental plans into one overarching inspiring strategy to lead the company forward and give a guiding to light into the what and the why.

Focus Strategy will help bring together your action plans, help your teams tactics roll up into a strategic plan and playbook that will enable your company to succeed.

Focus Strategy can be delivered in many formats, review the below options:

Strategy Packages

Our onsite training is designed to maximise the impact of your training and remind your team they can and should be training others within the office.

We co-create a training plan with you and your leaders by identifying the known issues and uncover unknown issues and adapt.

This can be from small teams to cross department training.

We also offer dedicated Management Team Training

It is 2020 and being in person does not always work or impressively we can operate a business remotely. We have seen this work for a number of months. We are optimised for remote workshops.

We co-create workshops with you, your teams and importantly your leaders, to uncover and answer your current problems and in turn create long term solutions.

Being stuck in the office, being stuck at home or working remotely has its limits. Offsites are dedicated days to empower your business to create a focused long term strategy.
Focus works with you to find a space, create the offsite sessions and enable you to bring the team closer together, win more market share and develop a strategy and action plans for the next 12-18 months.

When offsites just do not cut it, strategic getaways are immersive, they are hard work and creates huge dedication and commitment.

Focus strategic getaways are 3 – 5 days long, creating dedicate activities, solving 3 – 5 pillar problems and encouraging team building via specific activities that creates a long term strategy you will be pride to lead and pride to talk through with your company.

Strategic reviews are deep dives into your strategy, reviewing your internal messaging, language, communication and steps to make your business successful. We speak to your people, we speak to leaders and internal influencers to review all areas of your strategy and provide actionable recommendations.

Strategic reviews can be fully remote or in person.

Are you struggling to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it?

North star workshops are becoming more common, businesses have lost their guiding light and Focus North Star Workshops enable you to find your guiding star to shape your strategy and be the constant reminder of why you are doing what you are doing and question is this important?

Focus Northstar Workshops are three days sessions that answers your why, answer the what and provides a clear guiding Northstar for the whole organisation to get behind.

COVID Strategy & Strategic Development

Strategy after COVID
COVID has hit the world and impacted all businesses.

Focus was formed at the beginning of COVID to ensure all businesses had the chance to thrive.

During lockdown we have helped businesses of all sizes create their refreshed 2020 and 2021 strategy.
Focus uses a 5 year framework to ensure you and your business is set up right.

1. Action the year ahead, this should be revisited and guided by your One Focus Metric.
2. Plan for the next three year.
Right now you should be planning until 2022 / 2023.
3. Think long-range plan until 2025. This is should be revisited twice every year.

It is important to know, Strategy and Strategic Planning is not easy work but with the right framework and support this will be a competitive advantage.

Focus Strategic Steps
Focus is very clear in what you have to do, through the diagnosis phase, forming and creating your company beliefs, creating dedicated bets you are going to take and building out your strategic pillars, all rolling into your guiding strategy.

Focus believes in One Focus Metric to guide all other metrics in our strategy development and is core to companies successes.
This sounds easy and simple (and deliberately so) however getting this right is often the biggest hurdle for modern day businesses.

Strategic Playbooks & Strategic Communications
We specialise co-creating your company playbook and ensuring communication and updates are critical parts of your business, ensuring everyone from top to bottom understands the strategy, the steps you are going to take, the progress made and how to stay on course and keep your Focus.

Strategy Workshops
If you are looking for a dedicated workshop or external assistance with your company-wide strategy and planning for your business to thrive, get in contact with us.

“Do not allow bad strategy or poor communication be your teams excuse for poor performance”

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