The Focus Busy Bingo Card

These are just some of the reasons why Focus was created

- Too busy for 1-2-1
- Too busy to get lunch
- In back to back meetings all week 
- Late to important meetings 
- Thinking being busy is work
- Complain how busy you are in every meeting
- Staring at yourself on videos calls not paying attention
- One person talks more than the whole group
- Can’t face another meeting with no actions!
- Working in “other peoples” meeting as no other time
- Awkward silence when asked “are there any questions”
“Have you spoken to x” - instead of owning the problem
- Being double booked as default 
- Not sure if I should hit send to raise another problem
- Editing PowerPoint slides with 5 minutes to spare before next meeting
- Reforecasting for the third time this week with the list of same points previously raised 
- Another meeting to make a “decision”
- Only reading the exec summary of someone else's meeting pre read
- In another weekly team meeting without any delivery or moving any meaningful numbers or targets
- Disagreeing to commit is only way to make “progress”
- Sitting silently to get out of the this meeting so don’t get anymore to dos 
- Hard stops are constantly declared
- Waiting for the HIPPO to make the decision 
- “I'm ok with that that decision IF” statements

These are all excuses and shows a bad company foundation.
If you or your leaders need any help address a company wide acceptance of this, email

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