Guide: The Interview Questions To Ask About Company Culture

With over 40% of staff looking for a new role, there will be one of the largest periods of staff turnover.

Some of the most important reasons why team members are leaving are: company culture, to find a hybrid work environment, career progress and improved work-life balance.

Workplace Culture has been identified as a key component of staff happiness and staff retention in forward-thinking companies, however, there is still a misunderstanding of what company culture is and is hard to determine what the company culture is of potential new companies.

With the lack of resources available to help candidates ask the right company culture questions during the interview process, here is a definite list of 31 company culture questions you can select from and ask the questions you find most relevant.

These questions are designed to help you understand if this company is going to be the right fit for you and the right next career move.

The 31 Interview Questions To Ask About Company Culture

The Company Culture Questions To Ask

Can you explain your company culture?

How does your team complement the company culture?

What does the onboarding process look like here?

What is the unique company culture characteristics of your team?

How do colleagues support each other here?

How do you measure staff happiness here?

How do you resolve conflict here?

What are the traits you look for in successful candidates?

How do you judge cultural fit for your team?

And does this apply across the company?

Can you talk to me about how you deal with employees negatively impacting your team’s culture?

How can colleagues recognise each other formally for going over and above of their role to improve company culture?

How would you say you score out of ten for company culture? (1 low – 10 high)

What are common traits in great employees?

Do you have shared principles here?

Company Culture Questions For Management To Answer

Can you explain how HR and the leadership teams work together in developing company culture?

How do you empower staff to improve company culture?

When do perks and company culture blur here?

How does the CEO/founder advocate for company culture?

Can you break down a time the leadership team last called out a company culture issue or a company culture success?

How does your team hold you accountable?

How are decisions made?

What are the key managerial traits here?

When you set monthly, quarterly or annual goals how do you connect these to staff happiness?

How does reverse mentorship work here?

How do you internally coach and develop your staff?

Do you offer a coaching budget?

Which leader here owns company culture?

What steps did the managers take to ensure the team were ok in the pandemic?

Can you explain to me how the company dealt with a previous company culture issue?

Who on the team would be a great person to meet and discuss their experiences here?

If you would like a template/checklist to use in your interview process click here for the Google document.

Managers: If you are reading these and are concerned on how to answer the majority of these, you should flag these in your next meeting or to the leadership team and HR departments.

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